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Brian's Bio

Brian's Bio

Brian is an exceptional Inspirational Keynote Speaker and the founder of Alementi Elevates. His unique approach combines dynamic speaking with expert training, creating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

With over thirty years of public speaking experience, Brian is a certified Master Trainer and an award-winning leader. He has a background working with companies of all sizes, and a lifelong dedication to inspiring others. 


Brian's sessions are transformative. His infectious energy and captivating style set him apart, turning presentations into powerful journeys of inspiration.


Brian's belief in the power of passion aligns perfectly with our innate desire to thrive. His message of unlocking boundless potential resonates universally across all industries, whether boosting morale, enhancing productivity, or fostering a positive work environment. Brian consistently delivers uplifting experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Seize this opportunity to elevate yourself, your team, and your company's performance to the next level. His inspirational messages will transform your perspective and elevate you beyond the ordinary. Don't wait to ELEVATE!

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"I became better at my job and will be forever thankful that Brian helped me develop. His genuine nature and positive attitude makes every interaction with him something that leaves your heart smiling."

~Lisa Woolsey-Strategy Consultant

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