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"Feedback gives you an insight into what has already happened and provides a glimpse of what is in store."


"The way he captivates an audience, and his message is just superb!"

Amos Balongo

CEO & Leadership Consultant

United States Department of Defense

Leader Compass Consulting Group

"He was entertaining, he was fun and he shared so much wisdom!"

Andreea (A.G.) Billig

Best selling Author, Speaker, Founder of the Award-winning Educational Center Self-Publishing Mastery

"I'm in a lot better rhythm with my life and looking forward to implementing the things he taught us."

Mike Caldwell

Marketing Strategist, TEDx and Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author

"highly-effective and engaging messages"

Website - Lauren_edited.png

Lauren Hordis

Director of Field Training, University of Farmers 

"I highly recommend Brian as a speaker and coach. He has the ability to bring a highly-effective and engaging messages to many different audiences. Brian is accountable and will always show up prepared with great energy. Finally, he will also drive home key objectives, so the audience walks away with something to apply in every day life. It’s always a pleasure getting to partner with Brian!"        

"a catalyst for transformation"

Laurie Levine

Website - Laurie_edited.png

President and CEO of the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and Women in Business organizations

"Brian Alementi is not just a keynote speaker, but a catalyst for transformation. His ability to elevate mindsets and teach empowerment to an audience is amazing. As a speaker, he instills confidence and authenticity, ensuring every message resonates deeply with audiences. Brian's passion for inspiring others is evident in every word he speaks, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to experience his presentations."

"the power of positivity"

Nathan Keech


Vice-President, North Branch Area Chamber of Commerce

"In the age we live in, it's hard to find positivity in our places of work, or in our society. Thank you Brian for leading our Chamber luncheon and reminding us all the power of positivity and leading others well. I would highly recommend engaging Brian for your next speaking engagement!"

"Brian helped me develop."


Lisa Woolsey

Strategy Consultant - Farmers Insurance

 "I looked forward to every single coaching session he provided me. As a matter of fact I sought Brian’s feedback at every opportunity. He was thoughtful in his feedback and his coaching was actionable and truly made me take my skills to the next level. I became better at my job and will be forever thankful that Brian helped me develop. His genuine nature and positive attitude makes every interaction with him something that leaves your heart smiling."

"he puts people and relationships first."

Brad Nicholls

Website - Brad_edited.png

Sales | Sales Enablement | Learning & Development | B2B Sales | Insurance | 

"Brian has excelled in many roles- first hand sales to customers, sales leadership, training and facilitation and more than anything, he puts people and relationships first while still achieving goals. He was always known as the consummate professional, articulate and able to help guide you to solutions that were collaborative AND moved you towards the business goals as well."

Kat Mahoney


"Brian has a unique talent for delivering messages that resonate"

CEO & Executive Producer XP Crunch Media, Owner - Katnip and Coffee

 "I highly recommend Brian Alementi to anyone seeking a mindset elevation trainer, inspirational keynote speaker, or personal coach. Brian has a unique talent for delivering messages that resonate with individuals on a deep level, leaving a lasting impression and motivating them to strive for greatness. I am always impressed by his ability to create a safe and collaborative environment where participants were encouraged to explore their mindset and challenge their limiting beliefs." 

"I admire Brian's ability to communicate."

Larry Lowry


Sales Training | Learning Development | Business Coach | SalesEnablement

Brian Alementi is creative, professional, humble, intelligent, knowledgeable, most importantly, he cares about people.  I admired Brian's ability to communicate. Brian uses humor and his magic to drive home key points and makes them memorable. Brian is tops as a business professional and person.

"remarkable ability to engage, motivate and educate others."

Website - Noelle_edited.png

Noelle Turner

 Area Sales Manager - Farmers Insurance

I highly recommend Brian as an exceptional presenter and trainer. He possesses a remarkable ability to engage, motivate and educate others effectively. His genuine care for colleagues and trainees is truly inspiring, making Brian a valuable asset to any team or organization.

"leaves a lasting impact through the way he speaks"

Amanda Looney


Strengths Coach, Educator

"He makes a personal and meaningful connection that leaves a lasting impact through the way he speaks, presents and motivates. I recommend Brian if you are looking for a leader that makes deep connections quickly and can motivate your team!

"BRIAN!!!! You were MY HERO!!!!! I soooo resonated with your message!!" 
Kim C. Shaw, MAML, RBLP-T

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